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Toronto littles play group

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This is the brand new Toronto, Ontario, Canada littles play group community. What is a littles play group you ask? Why, here is the answer!

"Littles" is a term used in age play circles, meaning the person that is "regressed" or, in the mindset of a child. Age players regress to all ages, from babies, to teenagers. Unfortinately, this group is going to be for regressed ages three and up, and only for people who can "take care" of themselves. We may not always have a mommy or daddy, or uncle or aunt or babysitter to take care of us, so we all need to be able to go to the bathroom alone, to be able to go home alone (or to make sure someone is there to take us home), to be able to eat without needing to be fed, etc. If you don't know, just think "If I was regressed to my "little" personality, could I take care of myself?" If the answer is no, then sorry, you can't join our play group. This is not meant to be prejudicial or anything, just practical, since we do not have any caretakers available for all of our play dates.

If you see yourself as a Mommy, or Daddy, Uncle, Aunt, or caretaker, you are welcome to join, listen, post... but take no offense, please, if there are play dates set up where you are not welcome. Sometimes, littles just need to be around other littles.

Rules of the community are pretty easy, be respectful, try not to flame, NO CHILD PORN of any kind, and play nice!

Rules are subject to change without notice, as the moderator, I have powers to delete posts, comments, or members, and I will use such powers if need be. Whining about it will get you no where. You want a democratic list? Good luck finding it. This is my world, under my care, and y'all have to accept that, or go away, shoo!

This place is supposed to be a safe place to talk to other littles, share ideas, make play dates, all in all, a safe communication hub. If I think someone is taking that away from us, I WILL RESPOND.

All comments have their IP address's logged, people who are not members of the community cannot post, if you are not on the friends list, your comments will be screened, and I may or may not unscreen them at my discretion.

Have fun, play nice, play safe, and be good! Or at least be good at what you are doing!

This community is also in search of icons! If you have any icons that you think would work great, post them, let us know! We will even attempt a vote for them, if things work out right.

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